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LoRaWAN Gateway



Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 65 ° C, Humidity: 5% ~ 95%, Altitude less than 5 km;

2* RJ45 ports: one connected to the WAN port and the other connected to the serial port;

1* TF card interface and 1* SIM card interface;

1* 12V DC power plug;

1* factory reset button;

LTE supports three module options, including China, Europe, US

1* GPS module that provides positioning and time, as well as PPS signals to the SX1301;

2* RF antenna N-head interfaces: one LTE and one LoRa;

Built-in GPS/WiFi antenna;

6* indicators for power supply, system, LoRa, WAN, 4G, GPS;

IP65 protection


Linux 3.18.17;

Support standard LoRaWAN V1.1 CLASS A/B/C;

8 *uplink channels,  1 * downlink channel;

Support WiFi AP hotspots to access to the gateway;

Support WEB interface to view gateway status and modify configuration;

Support firewall protection, SYN-flood defense;

Support DNS resolution rebinding protection;

Support button or interface to restore factory settings;

Support system self-diagnosis and self-repair;

Support OTA remote upgrade;

Support remote delivery of LoRa gateway parameter configuration;

Support remote command delivery, such as restarting;

Support the daily communication log storage of gateway via TF card;

Support network backup switching, WAN and 4G online at the same time, priority to use WAN, automatically switch 4G once WAN is abnormal;

Support 4G reconnection after offline;

Support 3500 Class A nodes, report one frame UnConfirmedDateUp every 15 minutes, payload 7 bytes (node ADR needs to be turned on);

CN470-510 supports FDD full-duplex. Start the LoRa core program takes about one minute to initialize calibration receiving and transmitting RF, for high-frequency (868/915) half-duplex it takes about 5 seconds.






As a wireless communication base station, the LoRaWAN Transceiver can receive data of 8 channels at the same time and packs the them into an Ethernet data protocol packet, and instantaneously forwards to the LoRaWAN network server to implement terminal data reporting. Also it can accept single task of the server to send data requests, convert Ethernet data to wireless RF data then send it to the corresponding terminal. It provides technical solutions for solving the two-way transmission of Internet of Things.

Solid Core Current Transformer

Split Core Current Transformer

Current Transformers

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The LoRa Data Transmission Terminal is universal communication interactive equipment, which is designed and manufactured based on LoRa RF chip. It integrates two interfaces of industrial standard RS485 and supports a variety of protocols to realize data transmission between wired and wireless devices. It can be widely applied in the IOT, centralized metering and industrial control etc..

The Energy Management System acquires real-time energy consumption data from the acquisition terminal then calculates and stores the data from all sorts (i.e. water, electricity, gas, heating), subareas, sub items and sub time with mathematical method of summarizing and splitting etc. Then checking system, which accurately and quantitatively measures unit energy consumption, can be provided by monitoring and diagnosing the data. Thus energy saving management can be realized.

Energy management software

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LoRa Data Transmission Terminal

We will install, wire and test your power and energy meter for you.